By: Sarah Lindstrom


23-year-old singer and songwriter Justin Bieber, quickly escalated to fame and fortune after his discovery in 2008. His 2009 debut album, My World, led him to a quick riches; however, this quick fame was followed by a quick decline. 2013 was filled with assault, rumors, drugs, parties and a DUI. Justin hit rock bottom.


In July 2013 a viral video hit the internet, showing the pop star peeing in a bucket and yelling obscenities. This video spread like wild fire, and was just the of his run ins with the law.


His behavior outbreaks continued throughout the year. While on tour, marijuana and other prescription drugs were found in his tour bus. Which, Bieber later admitted to abusing these substances.


He was charged with vandalism later that year while on tour in Brazil. Bieber spray painted the side of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro. A few weeks later he was charged with assault after striking a Canadian limousine driver. The assault and vandalism charges continued in to 2013 after two similar instances of Biebers bad behavior came to light.


In January 2014, Justin was arrested after drag racing while under the influence. He faced charges for driving under the influence and resisting arrest.


The teen’s foolish behavior led him to lose a great deal of respect from fans and stars alike. His reckless behavior even led his agent to fear for the teens life. People started to question if Justin could ever repair his image after being in the news almost monthly for poor behavior.


However, in time the teen heartthrob was able to win back the hearts of many and gain a great fan base. 2016 was met with unmatched success for Bieber. He set eight Guinness records, released a new album “Purpose” and has seemed to stay out of the media for foolish behavior.


The question remains, how did he repair his image after such a rock bottom low? The question my team will be trying to answer as we analyze his image repair tactics and the impacts that they made. Sarah Scales and Amanda Wright will be joining me as we try to uncover what made beliebers believe in Bieber again.


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